CHI NL Blog Series

Welcome to the CHI NL Blog Series page! 🚀

This series is a great opportunity for HCI / UX researchers and practitioners in the Netherlands to share who you are, what you have researched, or what your daily workspace looks like, with the wider SIGCHI community and the world! ðŸŒŽ

We have three series types:

  1. CHI NL Meet: who you are and what do you do?
  2. CHI NL Read: what cool research have you done?
  3. CHI NL Workspace: what does your daily work process look like?

How to Participate

Below we give a detailed overview of each, along with information on how you can participate:

  • All posts will appear on CHI NL’s homepage under “Blog” and they will be shared on social media
  • You can indicate in the sign up form which type of blog post (Meet, Read, Workspace) you would like to be featured in!
  • All featured interviews will go through an editing process by Lisa and Abdo, where the final approval will go through you first before publishing.
  • We will select interested individuals in an order that considers several factors (relevance, diversity, seniority, etc.). We will reach out to you shortly after you’ve signed up to agree on a date, and work together with you to create a wonderful post ✨.


The goal of CHI NL Meet is to have a member of the Dutch HCI community introduce themselves. We will ask you to provide a portrait photo (formal or informal), and answer 9 questions about yourself.

Past CHI NL Meet posts:

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The goal of CHI NL Read is to have a member of the Dutch HCI community showcase their recent research, ensuring that this research is a bit more accessible to those outside of academic HCI. We will ask you to you choose a recent research paper, where in a series of around 10 questions, you can explain the technical concept, contribution, methodology, research process, and so on.

Past CHI NL Read posts:

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CHI NL Workspace

The goal of the newly started CHI NL Workspace is to have a member of the Dutch HCI community showcase their physical and/or digital workspace. For example: photo of desk / workspace, favorite physical tool and why, favorite programming language, software stack, productivity, etc. We will ask you this through several questions, you can choose to focus on your favorite space, tools, and/or process.

Have feedback on this page or our process? Do get in touch.

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CHI Nederland (CHI NL) is celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year, and we have much in store to acknowledge this occasion. Stay tuned!