We are an ACM SIGCHI Chapter that connects, supports, and represents the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community in the lovely Netherlands.

What’s our vision and mission? Keep scrolling down πŸ™‚

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Twitter updates

Key events (2023)

  • April 19-20, 2023: ICT.Open HCI track. Abstracts due by Jan 19.
  • April 2023: Dutch CHI party in Hamburg! πŸŽ‰
  • June 2023: Dutch Post-CHI 2023 event
  • […] β€“ More events to follow!

Past events

Get in touch

Do you have an event you want to organize and would like us to promote it? Want to get involved? We are happy to support you, drop us an e-mail at bestuur@chinederland.nl

How can I get involved?!

We have a number of task forces to power up our growing community, including:

  • EduChi 
  • CommuniCHI
  • EventCHI
  • InclusiveCHI
  • LobbyCHI
  • HealthCHI

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Are you a SIGCHI chapter?

Yes, see our previous announcement.

Our mission

To connect professionals in HCI in and (particularly) across academia and industry

To support professionals in HCI in academia and industry

To represent HCI professionals in relevant circles (such as government and public perception of HCI)

What’s the story?!

CHI NL has gone through a period of lessened activity, whereby the landscape of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research and practice, and the way it has been self organizing in the Netherlands, changed.

In revitalizing CHI NL, the new board (initiated August 2020) has taken the opportunity to ‘rethink’ the vision and mission for CHI NL (see above) through a series of lovely co-creation sessions that took place in Oct-Nov, 2020.

  • Initially, the Board underwent an inception period of six months
  • During this period, members and outsiders were invited to share their ideas
  • Members can (still) express their interest in being active in CHI NL — get in touch!

Check our ROADMAP (2021 and beyond) here.

Current CHI NL board members

Koen van Turnhout (Hogeschool Utrecht) – Chair

Karin Slegers (Zuyd Hogeschool) – Vice Chair

Lars Lischke (Elsevier) – Secretary

Abdallah (“Abdo”) El Ali (CWI) – Adjunct Treasurer

Gido Hakvoort (Hog. Windesheim) – Treasurer

Lisa Koeman (Elsevier) – Member

Ujwal Gadiraju (TU Delft) – Member

Reiner Bruns (Scotty Technologies)- Member

Previous CHI NL board members

✨ Get updates about HCI activities in the Netherlands ✨