CHI NL turns 25! 🎉

As you may remember from Steven Pemberton’s remembrance of the history of CHI Nederland (CHI NL), it has been a whopping 25 years since we were founded as a Dutch Local ACM SIGCHI Chapter. This obviously calls for celebration, and lots of it! 🥳

Rather than having one main event, we are dedicating an entire year to mark this festive milestone. With an eclectic mix of online and in-person activities, we hope to find plenty of opportunities to celebrate this quarter-century anniversary with you all. 

Several online activities have already been kicked off, as you may have seen a few editions of the CHI NL Meet and CHI NL Read series on our blog. Below is an overview of the full anniversary celebration program during this (academic) year. Please do keep an eye out for more information on our website and social media channels!

Image showing a timeline of CHI NL's celebratory year activities.


As we welcome involvement from as many members as possible, we want to again highlight that we are very much open to additional events or initiatives! So if you have an idea for new activities, events, initiatives, etc., either one-time or recurring, that could contribute to the festivities, please get in touch

We are looking forward to meeting you (more often) next year in a festive atmosphere! 🎉

Yours truly,

CHI NL’s executive board

CHI Nederland (CHI NL) is celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year, and we have much in store to acknowledge this occasion. Stay tuned!